Apr 13, 2013

Post feelings of Hempel Award

I am back from China. I have already been few weeks in Barcelona, but only this week I have finally recovered from the trip. At the end of my stay in Beijing I catched a flu and have been sneezing ever since. Now I start to feel fine.

I enjoyed the competition. It was well organized, with professional staff for the catwalk, really nice. We were all together 29 competitors from various countries. The collections were fantasies, more or less industrial, mine was (too) industrial, and then there were something in between. The most innovative collection towards material won. It had used bamboo chips made by using porcelain technology. I have nothing to add to that. The winning clothes had even their "bodyguards" during the stay there. Impressive.

Most winners were from Asia region, only a shared 2nd price winner was from Germany. In a way I can understand that as this competition seems to have much bigger hype and reputation in Asia, which is completely normal. Hempel International Group is a huge and well known brand there.

The theme for this year was "Boundary" - How should those fashion editors dress up themselves when they go to fashion shows.

Here I put some of the winning collections to see.

The winner Wang Zhixian with her winning collection (photo courtesy of prcservice.com)

German Christina Sieber's collection "Motocross" shared the Silver Prize. This was also my favorite collection.

Korean Park Min-Seon's collection "Connections" shared the Silver prize (photo courtesy of english.cri.cn). I also liked this one, except the colors reminded me too much of Formula1.

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